Who says you can’t do art in business formals?

Charcoal taj on wall

“Who says you can’t do art in business formals?” – The MINT gallery in Atlanta was moving from its current home and opened their walls to people for a day to create something. Rushed from an official visit (hence the formals) and decided to leave behind something Indian – what better image than the Taj. Sketched in 15 min with whatever little charcoal and wall-space was left at the gallery, but with much more love for my country🙂

Holi-stically colourful

160324 Holi at HBS

Since I don’t have the colours, I’ll make do with these water colours – sketchy attempt to relive some spring break memories from Cartagena with a dash of holi “celebrations” before it’s officially past Holi!
(For my non Indian friends, Holi is the Festival of colours in India – is awesome fun when enjoyed responsibly and of course in much warmer weather :))

Wish you all a Happy Holi!

Autograph please?


Two legends, both giving a talk at HBS within a span of 10 days, quite normal.  How to make it more than normal – gifting them their charcoal portraits (of albeit their younger versions) and getting them autographed. Luckily all of that did happen, all thanks to HBS!

For those who are unaware, these are –

  1. Dr. Kamal Haasan – a celebrated South Indian actor who played the lead actor in one of the only two Indian films included by TIME in its top 100 films of the 20th Century (Nayagan). The portrait includes two of my favourite quotes from his films.
  2. Sir Alex Ferguson – arguably one of the best football managers of one of the best football clubs (soccer clubs for those in USA) in the world with a career spanning 26 years, 38 trophies and of course, he’s knighted! The best a ManU fan can get🙂

Back to cases and midterms!

Where’s a time turner when you need one!

151214 Time Turner Watson

At the end of the last case of my first term at HBS, I so wish I’d a time turner to overcome that #FOMO to attend everything (assuming I’d the energy and finances to do survive that!). And being the #PotterNerd, the first image connected to the time turner is of course Hermione…. Also since my dear section-E thought I was most likely to “be painting a watercolor piece while others were drinking themselves silly”, thought I should change the medium to charcoal and do a black n white instead! May the time be with you🙂

Let there be life

Fall-en leaf - Spangler

‘She looked at the grey November sky, And asked “why did I have this terrible fate?’

The sky said “Everyone who is born is in the same state”..

.. And she withered by the day, as people trampled her on the way

The rabbits and squirrels asked where’s she, a beauty we all liked to see

But here she lies, hidden in history

Oh life, thou remainest a mystery’

– Adapted and modified excerpt from a high school poem.



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