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Tanjore or Thanjavur – all that glitters is art!

SriRanga-GopuramFrameIt was a decade long wish for me to learn this art form and I always regretted not taking up Art as my optional subject instead of Comp.Sci. back in my high school – just to have learnt this particular style. But well, better late than never. While it took me considerable effort (and also for my teacher in helping me improve my work), I think the efforts had some divine blessings to reach this stage.

Typically, no inscription is used in a Tanjore painting. Also, Sri Ranganatha at SriRangam does not have his consort Mahalakshmi in the sannithi (sanctum sanctorum). But what’s art if it’s restrictive in style – I took it upon myself to leave my mark on this style in my own way by installing his consort in the frame and choosing an inscription which I felt was fitting – “Sri Ranganatha, Mama Natha, Namostute!” I look forward to be in touch with this style more often in the near future – be it for personal pursuits or external requests (hopefully :))

P.S. The gold foil work is “real” gold and not just a decorative foil.