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Back to school v2.0

160829 Giridhari

Year 2 at HBS begins tomorrow. 2 things have not changed over the last 12 months – my issues with punctuality, hence a delayed effort for #Janmashtami celebrations (Krishna’s birthday) and my attempt to create a water colour art on the eve of the academic year. Here, #Krishna is miraculously holding the #Govardhan mountain with his little finger  amist a thunderstorm. It earned him the name #Giridhari and there are a lot of symbolic references in this event, but I shall skip them. Hope to make the most of the coming year! #Vamos



Leaf to Belief – a Kerala Mural(i)

150511 Kerala Mural(i)

Yet another art experiment – combining two traditional art forms from Kerala. Thought Guruvayoor’s Krishna was a theme befitting this debut composition. A test of patience imo – from extracting the delicate Peepal leaf skeleton over 15 days of metamorphosis to painting on it without destroying the veins (or covering it up!).