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Snow-Fall at HBS: Leaf Art Part 3


A leaf might fall, but it can still add life. It may snow outside, but life can still have colour. Basically just an excuse to paint since finals are over 🙂 Acrylic paints on what’s probably a London Planetree leaf fallen on HBS campus.  #LifeAtHBS #SnowAtHBS #BakerLibrary

Back to school v2.0

160829 Giridhari

Year 2 at HBS begins tomorrow. 2 things have not changed over the last 12 months – my issues with punctuality, hence a delayed effort for #Janmashtami celebrations (Krishna’s birthday) and my attempt to create a water colour art on the eve of the academic year. Here, #Krishna is miraculously holding the #Govardhan mountain with his little finger  amist a thunderstorm. It earned him the name #Giridhari and there are a lot of symbolic references in this event, but I shall skip them. Hope to make the most of the coming year! #Vamos



Autograph please?


Two legends, both giving a talk at HBS within a span of 10 days, quite normal.  How to make it more than normal – gifting them their charcoal portraits (of albeit their younger versions) and getting them autographed. Luckily all of that did happen, all thanks to HBS!

For those who are unaware, these are –

  1. Dr. Kamal Haasan – a celebrated South Indian actor who played the lead actor in one of the only two Indian films included by TIME in its top 100 films of the 20th Century (Nayagan). The portrait includes two of my favourite quotes from his films.
  2. Sir Alex Ferguson – arguably one of the best football managers of one of the best football clubs (soccer clubs for those in USA) in the world with a career spanning 26 years, 38 trophies and of course, he’s knighted! The best a ManU fan can get 🙂

Back to cases and midterms!

Sunset on the Charles

150912 Charles Sunset Bridge modFor some reason, sunsets don’t seem as glorious unless enhanced by a reflecting body. The #Charles river in #Boston seems to provide the perfect foil to the sun over the weekend. Attempted a watercolor piece with the Weeks Bridge in the frame but I’m sure this does not do any justice to the beautiful sunsets I’ve witnessed over the past few weeks!

A new home

150823 Baker Lib

A new chapter in my life begins at the Harvard Business School (HBS). Thought I should spend a Sunday by experimenting with some water colours (oops water colors as they spell it in ‘Murica). What better option than the iconic Baker Library which has been representative of what HBS stands for! Oh and there are a lot of bunnies roaming around on campus. Thought I’d feature one of them as well. After all the talks of “inclusion” in our day to day lives, why must they be left out 🙂