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Lord of Lords: Part 1

Seldom does one get the chance to bump into India’s 1st Cricket World Cup winning captain, Kapil Dev. And when you do, despite the 6am flight on a Sunday, you take a selfie and attempt a sketch to gift him (met him a couple of days after his birthday). Of course, made another sketch to store the autograph. To the man who ensured India remembers the year 1983, thank you Sir for the memories and inspiration!

TWSS – That’s What Sharapova Said

That day when Sharapova came to class at HBS, got to sketch her post class and then autograph it after the next class. I tried asking her out coz “Never miss an opportunity to score” – That’s What She (Sharapova) Said. Not! But she did say she like it 🙂

A Century yet Eternal


It’s been 100 years since Bharat Ratna MS Subbulakshmi was born but her voice seems like it’s been there since time immemorial. I always regret not being able to appreciate Carnatic music in its full glory but I can at least attempt to appreciate this stalwart and connoisseur of Carnatic music by sketching her in ink and water (with a slight mix of graphite). Just in time before it moves past her birth centenary in USA!

Who says you can’t do art in business formals?

Charcoal taj on wall

“Who says you can’t do art in business formals?” – The MINT gallery in Atlanta was moving from its current home and opened their walls to people for a day to create something. Rushed from an official visit (hence the formals) and decided to leave behind something Indian – what better image than the Taj. Sketched in 15 min with whatever little charcoal and wall-space was left at the gallery, but with much more love for my country 🙂

Autograph please?


Two legends, both giving a talk at HBS within a span of 10 days, quite normal.  How to make it more than normal – gifting them their charcoal portraits (of albeit their younger versions) and getting them autographed. Luckily all of that did happen, all thanks to HBS!

For those who are unaware, these are –

  1. Dr. Kamal Haasan – a celebrated South Indian actor who played the lead actor in one of the only two Indian films included by TIME in its top 100 films of the 20th Century (Nayagan). The portrait includes two of my favourite quotes from his films.
  2. Sir Alex Ferguson – arguably one of the best football managers of one of the best football clubs (soccer clubs for those in USA) in the world with a career spanning 26 years, 38 trophies and of course, he’s knighted! The best a ManU fan can get 🙂

Back to cases and midterms!

What do those eyes re-veil?

150102 Arab Woman eyes

I spent a majority of my last 4 years in the heart of the Middle Eastern cultures. Needless to say, they were very enlightening times and dispelled (some) stereotypes which are/were created by the media and other contributors. I was always curious to figure out how/why women spent their lives under a veil synonymous with culture and at times, as proclaimed by the Western Media, oppression. Turns out, there’s a lot more to that and the “cultures” vary significantly across the Arab lands.

This pencil sketch was created for a colleague few weeks back, who asked me for a quick sketch and I obliged. He asked me who she was and honestly, I don’t know. Technically, if I did, it’d land the imaginary woman and me in trouble! However, her eyes seem to be telling something. What do you think is her story?

Veni, Vidi, Duomo!

Duomo Milano2Duomo

Sketched this on a trip to Milan to witness “The Last Supper”. Despite the rains, people had assembled at the Duomo to witness the coverage of the Papal Conclave (MMXIII anyone?) in progress, where the Archbishop of Milan was favourite to succeed Pope Benedict XVI. Papa Francesca/God had other plans I guess.

Interesting trivia: The person who clicked my photo, actually provided me some dry space to allow me to draw and also a few euros to sell my amateur work of art. Milano is truly, deeply and madly in love with Art and Fashion I guess 🙂