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Snow-Fall at HBS: Leaf Art Part 3


A leaf might fall, but it can still add life. It may snow outside, but life can still have colour. Basically just an excuse to paint since finals are over 🙂 Acrylic paints on what’s probably a London Planetree leaf fallen on HBS campus.  #LifeAtHBS #SnowAtHBS #BakerLibrary

TWSS – That’s What Sharapova Said

That day when Sharapova came to class at HBS, got to sketch her post class and then autograph it after the next class. I tried asking her out coz “Never miss an opportunity to score” – That’s What She (Sharapova) Said. Not! But she did say she like it 🙂

Sunset on the Charles

150912 Charles Sunset Bridge modFor some reason, sunsets don’t seem as glorious unless enhanced by a reflecting body. The #Charles river in #Boston seems to provide the perfect foil to the sun over the weekend. Attempted a watercolor piece with the Weeks Bridge in the frame but I’m sure this does not do any justice to the beautiful sunsets I’ve witnessed over the past few weeks!

Leaf to Belief – a Kerala Mural(i)

150511 Kerala Mural(i)

Yet another art experiment – combining two traditional art forms from Kerala. Thought Guruvayoor’s Krishna was a theme befitting this debut composition. A test of patience imo – from extracting the delicate Peepal leaf skeleton over 15 days of metamorphosis to painting on it without destroying the veins (or covering it up!).