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Prisma to Water Colour


Applying Prisma filters to digital photographs is getting mainstream. Attempted to convert a Prisma image to Water colour instead, of the cricketer who remained a purist in an era of switch hits and is of course my favourite cricketer of all time – Rahul Dravid. Reference – file photo of Dravid taken at the ICC 2002 awards where he was the ICC Player of the Year and ICC Test Player of the year.

The Graphite Wall – Smooth as his drives go!


Created to “commemorate” (for lack of a better word) my idol’s 41st b’day this January, 2014.

So happens that I actually walked past his house a week after creating this. Was hitting myself for not having carried this with me and for disbelieving that I was actually walking past the Dravids’ home in Bangalore.