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Snow-Fall at HBS: Leaf Art Part 3


A leaf might fall, but it can still add life. It may snow outside, but life can still have colour. Basically just an excuse to paint sinceĀ finals are over šŸ™‚ Acrylic paints on what’s probably a London Planetree leaf fallen on HBS campus. Ā #LifeAtHBS #SnowAtHBS #BakerLibrary


151031 Halloween Fall Colours

Attempted a sketch with water colours depicting my first #Halloween experience clubbed with the beautiful Fall colours’ at the HBS campus. Cherishing the beauty of colours with the Baker library in the background before the dreadedĀ winter makes it a monochrome experience! May the spooks be with you šŸ™‚

A new home

150823 Baker Lib

A new chapter in my life begins at the Harvard Business School (HBS). Thought I should spend a Sunday by experimenting with some water colours (oops water colors as they spell it in ‘Murica). What better option than the iconic Baker Library which has been representative of what HBS stands for! Oh and there are a lot of bunnies roaming around on campus. Thought I’d feature one of them as well. After all the talks of “inclusion” in our day to day lives, why must they be left out šŸ™‚