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Snow-Fall at HBS: Leaf Art Part 3


A leaf might fall, but it can still add life. It may snow outside, but life can still have colour. Basically just an excuse to paint sinceĀ finals are over šŸ™‚ Acrylic paints on what’s probably a London Planetree leaf fallen on HBS campus. Ā #LifeAtHBS #SnowAtHBS #BakerLibrary

Leaf to Belief – a Kerala Mural(i)

150511 Kerala Mural(i)

Yet another art experiment ā€“ combining two traditional art forms from Kerala. Thought Guruvayoorā€™s Krishna was a theme befitting this debut composition. A test of patienceĀ imo ā€“ from extracting the delicate Peepal leaf skeleton over 15 days of metamorphosis to painting on it without destroying the veins (or covering it up!).