Let there be life

Fall-en leaf - Spangler

‘She looked at the grey November sky, And asked “why did I have this terrible fate?’

The sky said “Everyone who is born is in the same state”..

.. And she withered by the day, as people trampled her on the way

The rabbits and squirrels asked where’s she, a beauty we all liked to see

But here she lies, hidden in history

Oh life, thou remainest a mystery’

– Adapted and modified excerpt from a high school poem.


151031 Halloween Fall Colours

Attempted a sketch with water colours depicting my first #Halloween experience clubbed with the beautiful Fall colours’ at the HBS campus. Cherishing the beauty of colours with the Baker library in the background before the dreadedĀ winter makes it a monochrome experience! May the spooks be with you šŸ™‚