Tanjore or Thanjavur – all that glitters is art!

SriRanga-GopuramFrameIt was a decade long wish for me to learn this art form and I always regretted not taking up Art as my optional subject instead of Comp.Sci. back in my high school – just to have learnt this particular style. But well, better late than never. While it took me considerable effort (and also for my teacher in helping me improve my work), I think the efforts had some divine blessings to reach this stage.

Typically, no inscription is used in a Tanjore painting. Also, Sri Ranganatha at SriRangam does not have his consort Mahalakshmi in the sannithi (sanctum sanctorum). But what’s art if it’s restrictive in style – I took it upon myself to leave my mark on this style in my own way by installing his consort in the frame and choosing an inscription which I felt was fitting – “Sri Ranganatha, Mama Natha, Namostute!” I look forward to be in touch with this style more often in the near future – be it for personal pursuits or external requests (hopefully :))

P.S. The gold foil work is “real” gold and not just a decorative foil.


10 thoughts on “Tanjore or Thanjavur – all that glitters is art!

  1. Like the inclusion of the Swastik, and the prominent parama paadas!

    Had it been for the Padmanabha, your obeisance would’ve bloomed right out of it, just perfect. 🙂

  2. I got acquainted with Tanjore Art during my civils prep. If I am not wrong, these days gold embellishment is not used in general. Frame is also very beautiful, again, not generally used by artists. Keep innovating, keep the tradition alive. And keep sharing.

    Best of luck. 🙂

    1. Thanks Nitin for the encouraging words. The details/embellishments are typically done on a form of putty, which is dried and gold foil (18k I think) is used to get the impression right. I’ll try to keep innovating in this domain once I get more experience 🙂

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